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Why Visit MadeirA

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Madeira archipelago, which is part of Portugal, has two main islands: Madeira and Porto Santo.
Both islands have their own airports and connections with maritime transport.
The archipelago is famous for its friendly people, exceptional natural beauty, and mild climate. These are just some of the reasons to visit the Madeira Islands!

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Madeira Island

Sometimes called the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, Madeira Island is a haven of natural beauty, a truly tropical garden with exotic plants and flowers, mountains, beautiful craters, and valleys. It is a very touristy island throughout the year, due to its mild climate in both winter and summer. Madeira stands out for its climatic qualities and its therapeutic effects, due to the prophylactic qualities of its climate, in the cure of tuberculosis.

Madeira Island

Porto santo island

Located 28 miles northeast of Madeira island, Porto Santo Island is a quite simply heaven on earth! This island, with a 9-kilometer beach of golden sand washed by warm and crystalline waters, is a must-stop place for sailors crossing the Atlantic. The safety, the pleasures of nature on the beautiful sandy beach, and its tranquil waters make Porto Santo a unique experience.
There is a daily ferry between Madeira and Porto Santo islands.

Porto Santo Island
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