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Specialized in operating customized tourism programs based on the special interest of our clients, CREATIVE STAR is a DMC & MICE providing high personalized services all over Portugal and islands.

It is a synergy of new ideas and ways of promoting destinations and products, in accordance to the fast changes and dynamic of the tourism industry.

our mission

With a deep knowledge of the Portuguese heritage, traditions, and culture, CREATIVE STAR TURISMO LDA proposes itself to bring freshness and innovation in the products proposed, helping you to discover different faces of the same country, explore hidden treasures of its culture, history, ancient or modern art. CREATIVE STAR TURISMO LDA will take your clients to explore places of unique beauty, experience great moments so that they may return to their country with memories for a lifetime.

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Av. das Acácias 41 Loja C - Jardins da Parede 

2775-342 Parede, Estoril | PORTUGAL

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