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Cape Verde is an archipelago formed by ten volcanic islands in the central region of the Atlantic Ocean, a small piece of heaven to explore close to the African coast. The volcanic islands that comprise it are small and mountainous. There is an active volcano on the island of Fogo, which is also the highest point in the archipelago, at 2.829 meters. In Cape Verde, the climate is dry tropical with an average of 25º C. The hottest months are from June to September and these are the months of greatest tourist influx (ambient temperature around 30ºC and seawater at 25ºC). Between December and February, there is a season with a higher probability of wind. The gastronomy of this archipelago is delicious. There is a huge variety of fish: sawfish, tuna, grouper, or octopus. In seafood, whelks, lobster, or shrimp are some of the delicacies. In meats, the traditional "cachupa", made with corn, beans, sweet potatoes, green bananas, among others, and pork meat.The currency is Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE), which has a parity agreement with the Euro, with a fixed price of 1 Euro = 110.265 CVE. Regarding the visa, it is necessary to obtain it from the Embassy of Cape Verde or on arrival in the country, upon payment of 25 €/person.

From the ten islands, we highly recommend exploring three of them:

Boa Vista, São Vicente, and Sal islands.

Click to find out more about each island:

São vicente Island

São Vicente is the second-most populous island of Cape Verde. The São Vicente channel separates it from the neighboring island of Santo Antão. The famous singer Cesária Évora was born on this island and started her career, giving the name to the International Airport. Mindelo is the main urban center of the island and the second-largest city in the country, where a large part of the population of the island is concentrated with 74,136 inhabitants. Mindelo is often considered a cultural island of Cape Verde. São Vicente has many typical dishes, many of them having seafood-based. The climate is tropical dry, around 24°C average air temperature.

São Vicente Island

boa vista island

Boa Vista is the island situated more to the east of the archipelago, 445 km of the African coast. The village of Sal Rei is its largest urban center, with about 2 500 inhabitants and temperatures around 24°-30°C. Boa Vista has the most extensive beaches of Cape Verde, for example, the beach of Varandinha is considered a paradisiac beach, being intersected by rocks that divide its extensive sand into smaller sand. There are excellent conditions for diving and surfing, and the island is also recognized for the good conditions that it offers for the practice of nautical sports. Here sunset colors here are absolutely unforgettable!

Boavista Island



The salt found on this land gave the island's name. Despite being one of the smallest islands in the archipelago, Sal is home to some of the best beaches in Cape Verde. Add to this, the sun and year-round temperatures that rarely dip below 25°C explain why this small jewelry in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is becoming one of the hottest destinations for the Europeans, the perfect destination for those who want to relax. In the salt pans of Pedra do Lume, located in the crater of an extinct volcano and recognized for its therapeutic saltwater, you can bathe and float in water 26 times saltier than the sea.

Sal Island
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