Portugal & Cabo Verde

Amazing country from north to south, with so attractive cities and places:

Portugal Islands

Madeira Islands

Here in the Atlantic Ocean, not too far from the centre of Europe, we find the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. The archipelago is famous for its friendly people, exceptional natural beauty and mild climate.

Madeira, sometimes called the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, is a haven of natural beauty, a truly tropical garden with exotic plants and flowers, mountains, beautiful craters and valleys

Azores Islands

This other Eden, unique in its wild beauty, Europe’s secret islands of Adventure!

The nine islands that make up the Azores are in fact the peaks of some of the world's tallest mountains, reaching from deep beneath the Atlantic. The once-uninhabited, volcanic archipelago now hosts thousands of tourists every year who come to the islands for sun, sand and verdant mountain scenery. From the beaches of Praia da Vitoria, to the bubbling volcanic ground "ovens" of Furnas or whale watching in San Miguel, these islands offer unparalleled--and unusual--adventures to discover.

Porto Santo 

Located 28 miles north east from Madeira and is quite simply heaven on earth! This island, with a 9-kilometre beach of golden sand washed by warm, crystalline waters is a must stop place for sailors crossing the Atlantic. The safety, the pleasures of nature on the beautiful sandy beach and its tranquil waters make from Porto Santo an unique experience.

Other Destinations

Cabo Verde

Also known as Cape Verde, the former Portuguese colony comprises 10 islands and five islets. The archipelago lies around 500 km off the west coast of Africa. Once an important centre of the slave trade and compulsory stop for the Portuguese Caravelas on their way to the south Atlantic…nowadays an important centre of tourism, being the Sal Island our high recommendation for quiet holidays all year round. Sal is home to some of the best beaches in Cape Verde. Add to this, year-round temperatures that rarely dip below 25°C and you will understand why this small jewelry in the middle of the ocean is becoming one of the hottest destinations for the Europeans.

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