Why Visit Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an archipelago with ten islands in Atlantic a small piece of Heaven to explore close to the African coast;

We highly recommend the islands of Sal, Boa Vista and São Vicente; wonderful beaches with white sand and green waters are waiting for you, also with rich culture, history and music.

And these are only some of the reasons to visit Cape Verde!

Boa Vista Island

Boa Vista is an Island of the Barlavento group of Cape Verde. Of all the ten  islands of the archipelago, it is the one that is situated more to the east, distant only 445 km of the African coast. Its largest urban center is the village of Sal Rei, with about 2500 inhabitants and its temperatures are around 24 ° C - 30 ° C.

Boa Vista has the most extensive beaches of Cape Verde, for example, the beach of Varandinha is considered a paradisiac beach, being intersected by rocks that divide its extensive sand in smaller sand. It is also recognized by good conditions that it offers for the practice of nautical sports. There are excellent conditions for diving, surfing; sunset colors here are absolutely unforgettable!

São Vicente Island

São Vicente is the second most populous island in Cape Verde. The São Vicente channel separates it from the neighboring island of Santo Antão. The famous singer Cesária Évora was born on this island and started her career. Cesaria Évora International Airport is located south of the city of Mindelo, the main urban center of the island and the second largest city in the country, where a large part of the population of the island is concentrated with 74,136 inhabitants. Mindelo is often considered a cultural island of Cape Verde.

São Vicente has many typical dishes, many of them having seafood based.

The climate is tropical dry, around 24 ° C average air temperature.

Sal Island

Also known as Cape Verde, the former Portuguese colony comprises ten islands and five islets. The archipelago lies around 500 km off the west coast of Africa. Once an important centre of the slave trade and compulsory stop for the Portuguese Caravelas on their way to the south Atlantic…nowadays an important centre of tourism, being the Sal Island our high recommendation for quiet holidays all year round. Sal is home to some of the best beaches in Cape Verde. Add to this, year-round temperatures that rarely dip below 25°C and you will understand why this small jewelry in the middle of the ocean is becoming one of the hottest destinations for the Europeans.

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