Why Visit Azores Islands

This other Eden, unique in its wild beauty, Europe’s secret islands of Adventure!

The nine islands that make up the Azores are in fact the peaks of some of the world's tallest mountains, reaching from deep beneath the Atlantic. The once-uninhabited, volcanic archipelago now hosts thousands of tourists every year who come to the islands for sun, sand and verdant mountain scenery. From the beaches of Praia da Vitoria, to the bubbling volcanic ground "ovens" of Furnas or whale watching in San Miguel, these islands offer unparalleled and unusual adventures to discover.

The archipelago of the Azores consists of nine islands, in which we decided to choose for better destinations the Island of São Miguel and Terceira Island; both have their own airports and connections with maritime transport.

These are some of the reasons to visit Azores Islands!

São Miguel Island

São Miguel is the largest of the islands of the Azores and the largest of all the islands that are part of the territory of Portugal. Thanks to its temperate and humid climate, the island was well received by the most diverse species introduced by the settlers over the centuries. Adding a special charm to the islands are some flowers, such as Hydrangeas, Camellias or Azaleas that are used as natural divisions of properties

The Lagoa das Sete Cidades, with its two lagoons - blue and green - surrounded by a caldera, the islet of Vila Franca, a natural reserve, as well as the valley of Furnas, with its fumaroles, hot and medicinal water and mud, are only Some examples of the many attractive points that the Island of São Miguel presents.

Terceira Island

Terceira Island is one of the nine islands of the Azores, part of the so-called "Central Group". The island is a large forest reserve that hosts many species of fauna and flora. Ginjal Lagoon, which despite its small size has unique plants and protected by law.

The climate is temperate throughout the year, the average air temperature varies between 11 and 26°C, depending on the time of year and the surrounding ocean, on average, between 15ºC and 24°C. The sites have a dictation/sentence: you can "taste" the four seasons in A single day, the sun and the rain constantly fight for the protagonism, giving rise to beautiful green landscapes that can be seen here.

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